4.1 Select your metal powder coating pantone – Electrostatic Powders Range by Insimbi

Insimbi’s range of powders are used for both interior and exterior applications. The range comes in a wide variety of colours and textures as can be seen below.

Vedoc Range

IC120002R Black Structure Semi-Gloss Exterior

IC120004R White Strucure Semi-Gloss Exterior

IC120014 Black Sandpaper Satin Exterior

IC120023E Grey Hammertone Exterior

IC120027R Signal Red RAL3001 Structure Semi-Gloss Exterior

IC120028R Signal Blue RAL5005 Struture Semi-Gloss Exterior

IC120039 Silver Vein Int

IC120049 Bronze Matt Smooth Exterior

IC120052 Traffic Red RAL3020 Smooth Gloss Exterior

IC120055 Moss Green RAL6005 Satin Smooth Exterior

IC120063 Light Grey RAL7035 Smooth Gloss Exterior

IC120066 Traffic Green RAL6024 Smooth Semi-Gloss Exterior

IC120068 Signal Red RAL3001 Smooth Gloss Exterior

IC120073R Traffic Yellow RAL1023 Structure Semi-Gloss Exterior

IC120077 Signal Blue RAL5005 Smooth Gloss Exterior

IC120082 Bronze Hammertone Exterior

IC120087 Shelco Cream Smooth Gloss Exterior

IC120091 Zinc Primer Grey Exterior

IC120101 G12 Dark Admiralty Grey Structure Exterior

IC120116 Grey Metallic Sandpaper Exterior

IC120121 Black Satin Smooth Exterior

IC120158 G29 Smooth Gloss Interior

IC120165 Moss Green RAL6005 Structure Exterior

IC120170 White Smooth Gloss Exterior

IQ1001 Jet Black Matt RAL 9005 Smooth Exterior

IQ1002 Signal White Matt RAL 9003 Smooth Exterior

IQ1003 Charcoal Matt Smooth Exterior

IQ1004 Bronze Matt Smooth Exterior